When you wanna know more about the Crush Glass Girls on Instagram or perhaps the #GreenGrin movement and our efforts towards Legalization, feel free to contact us with the form below! All of our products are made right here in Southern California, and made to order, so please be patient if you order hasn’t come through just yet… See more about that below.

Sadly, however, we cannot accept any product for repair. Sorry about that.

Just because we're curious... How did you come to hear about The Crush?

Shipping Policy
Our products are shipped using flat-rate fees from the United Postal System (USPS). Rates are determined using a live connection to their rate system, based upon the size and weight of the collected product in your cart and the shipping address you apply to the order.   We are required by law to also collect a sales tax from residents of California, as we are based there too. Hi neighbor!
Your billing statement may reflect our parent companies name Patriarch Inc or Phx Ca Mcc. but have no fear, that’s us. 🙂
How long until I get my product?
Being made right here in the United States, the product you buy is lovingly made in California by hand and will require time to produce. Each piece is made to order and in most cases will be created within a week’s time. Shipping time will be applied on top of that. We do not create mass quantities, nor do keep any stock on hand for a quick sale. Nor do we have a retail outlet. The fastest shipping option will get you the product as quick as possible, but only after it is created, for you!
Return Policy
While creating works of art like these in California has its own dangers, such as earthquakes, we do everything possible to get your purchased to you unscathed. That doesn’t me that sometimes the product we sent you gets damaged in the process, and well, that makes us sad too. Send us an email ([email protected]) and a photo of the damage and we’ll get another piece sent to you as soon as possible. We cannot accept used products however. Your replacement part will come to you much faster if we can see that it’s a clean and unused product in your photo, thanks!  Our little secret: often we just make and send you another… 🙂
Privacy Policy
By the way, your name, your order and your address… well, everything about you is just between us. We don’t sell our contacts, heck, we don’t even spam you with sales flyers after your purchase. We already know, that you know who makes the best stuff out there… which is why you bought our products. And we thank you for that! Your information is safe with us. Nor do we store your credit card information, as our processing is securely done offsite, through MIjireh (Now co-branded CloudSwipe).
If for any other reason you’d like to contact us, please do with the form above and thanks for being part of the Crush Glass family!
Wholesale buyers can find more information on this page: http://thecrushglass.com/wholesale/