Who is The Crush and Why are we Following Them Anywhere?

The Crush and subsidiary Phallix Glass are definitely in bed together, literally. Phallix Glass is the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of functional, erotic glass art, while The Crush is where it all started.  Our love of glass began over twenty years ago while working in a Los Angeles retail store that sold a wide variety of hand blown glass. This initial fascination with glass artistry would evolve into the cornerstone for what is now The Crush and Phallix Glass, a company with global recognition and unparalleled quality and sensuality. Drawing on over 20 years of experience and expertise in glass production and in excess of 400 glass artisans, both The Crush and Phallix Glass are here to stay!

While you can easily follow us and our products on Facebook (Phallix Glass) and we’d be happy to have you there, it’s the party on Instagram that you wanna see! Not only do we have fans enjoying themselves with out smoking accessories, the posts they make are enjoyable to watch… as well as easy on the eyes!  And if you haven’t yet checked our the Crush IG page or the #thecrushgirls hashtag, you better get clicking!

And when you hit your local shop looking for the finest, Ask for the Original, Ask for The Crush!